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Pipeline Embolization


Pipeline embolization is an effective solution for many aneurysms that pose difficulties for coiling or clipping procedures. Examples of complex aneurysms include aneurysms that occur in areas of the brain that are difficult to access through surgery and aneurysms with complex configurations.

Although many aneurysms take on the typical “berry” shape with a small neck and a ballooning sac, some have a wide neck that can pose problems for coiling and clipping. Others are substantial, creating a greater risk for rupture, while some are too small to clip or coil. Pipeline embolization makes it possible to treat these “difficult” aneurysms.

We perform the Pipeline embolization procedure to re-treat previously coiled aneurysms in which the coiling “fails.” In some situations, the coils placed into an aneurysm can settle and become compacted so that blood can accumulate in the aneurysm once again. Placing a PED into the artery at the site itself can resolve the aneurysm completely.

Pipeline 1.png
Pipeline 2.png
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